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Top Companies Hiring Computer Science Grads

You've got a degree in computer science, perhaps even a master's. Your resume's in hand -- now who to give it to? You may do well with some of the companies below. Some of the hard data, including the previous year's job growth and the number of open positions in January 2013, comes from CNN Money's “Best Companies to Work For” and “Who's Hiring” -- read with an eye to which companies are most relevant for computer science grads.

Just because a company is big doesn't mean it's not friendly to new talent.

Additional information comes from company websites and recent job postings. Remember: Just because a company is big doesn't mean it's not friendly to new talent. Growth often means investment.


Qualcomm, a wireless technology company with headquarters in California, saw 18% job growth in the past year -- that's 2,300 new jobs. A 2013 search by CNN Money turned up 1,000 open positions, largely in software engineering.

A lot of the current positions are in California. There is hiring in a number of cities around the country, though, from Chandler, Arizona to Austin, Texas. The company actively recruits interns and new graduates. A recent position for new grads: Processor Core IP Development Logic Design Engineer.

You can see career profiles on the site in video form: everything from systems engineering to augmented reality.

Check out: Qualcomm Careers Here


Intel, based in Santa Clara, California, saw 9% job growth with 3,968 new jobs. The January CNN search revealed 1,400 positions, including many openings in both software and hardware engineering.

One cool program Intel offers is rotation engineer; top college graduates get a chance to do three different six month rotations while getting some additional training and mentoring.

In 2009, the company was featured in Businessweek's "Best Places to Launch a Career" (at #20). Businessweek noted that the company tended to promote from within: 53.95% of the company’s top level executives had been with the firm for at least 20 years.

You can check out the "Life at Intel" site to see what some interns and recent graduates are doing on the job.


NetApp saw 8% growth (with 535 new jobs). There were 933 openings pulled in January — among them, 330 in software engineering.

NetApp is known for storage solutions that utilize virtualization and cloud technology. The company has been cited as exemplary multiple times (ranking #3 in World's Best Multinational Workplaces).

There are opportunities for new grads in the Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California locations. The NetApp site notes that there are automatic coffee machines and cool technology to keep you engaged. No masters yet? Among the benefits: up to $5,250 a year toward education that forwards your career goals with the company.

Check out: Life at NetApp


Intuit last year saw 4% job growth: 800 new jobs. The January search revealed 800 positions, including various tech roles: software engineer, cloud architect, mobile engineer.

There are opportunities to begin at Intuit as a student intern or even do co-op with the company. Like Intel, Intuit has a rotation program. They also offer generous benefits. You'll find on-site amenities like dry cleaning at some locations. Other benefits may matter more years down the line: adoption assistance, backup childcare, domestic partner coverage.

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Google, the company that has been selected as the #1 place to work two years running, is, as you would expect, far from the easiest place to get hired. There may have been 5,543 new jobs last year, but the number of resumes this giant collects is staggering.

Still, the organization does routinely take on outstanding students and new graduates -- master's degrees are preferred, though not necessarily required. Google offers advice for making the software engineering cut: Put down your skills on your resume and be prepared to answer technical questions in those areas. Also come prepared to code.

If you're not sure your skills are top caliber, you can find an address to go to do practice sets: The Googleplex may not be out of reach!

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