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The mission of is to provide users with an easy to navigate map to their options for pursuing a Master's in Computer Science. The goal is to have the most comprehensive compilation of schools offering Master's in Computer Science degrees, so that there is no need to look any further.

It started with me, the founder of, looking to advance my career in programming with a Master's degree. I felt that with my prior experience and the Master's degree I would find opportunities with additional responsibilities and better pay, perhaps at a management level.

Through my search I found many wonderful programs, but it was exhausting pouring through individual school websites or those that just list online Master's in Computer Science degree programs. I kept track of the programs I felt matched my goals personally and professionally. I was then struck with the idea that I could easily build a website that would provide a resource for others in my situation. I envisioned that would serve as a way for others to more easily locate a Master's in Computer Science degree program as opposed to tirelessly searching for programs via a search engine.

Let me know your thoughts. Please send me additions or ideas you think may be useful for others seeking a Master's in Computer Science.


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